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Packaging illustration, design, layout and art-direction for Atomised, the debut album by Manchester based two-piece hard rock band The Hyena Kill. We felt a mutual disdain for the rampant vanity culture abound on social, digital and print media, where good ideas are being lost amongst ego and bullshit.

The illustrative, pop colours offset the dark undertones captured in the look and the music.

You can hear the full story of their rise as a DIY band in the modern music idustry on Arrest All Mimics episode 22, part 1:

Band photograph by Madeleine Penfold


Atomised CD packaging illustration front cover

Atomised CD packaging illustration, front cover and disk design from above

The Hyena Kill, debut album packaging artwork, illustration, design and art direction, detail shot

Hyena Kill, debut album art direction and design, reverse cover typography

Atomised, reverse CD cover typography design detail

Hyena Kill disk artwork, illustrations, line drawing in ink

Atomised album packaging, inside panel, hand lettering and photography by Madeleine

The Hyena Kill album launch gig poster design, illustration, lettering and art direction. Ink drawings on paper